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Annually on 18 July organisations around the country contribute in some way or form to enhance the lives of others and make an impact.

The Bravura team selected the FOUNTAIN OF LOVE ORPHANAGE in Katlehong (East of Johannesburg) as the project to celebrate Mandela Day.

The founder and owner of the home, Ms. Roseline Mthembu, started the orphanage in 2004 where she currently homes 50 children ranging from 1 to 17 years of age at any one time. She takes abused, neglected and abandoned children into her home.  She does the best she can with the limited resources available.  Only six children receive a government grant which amounts to a mere R5100 per annum.  Otherwise the shelter has no other sponsorship.

The orphanage also feed around 200 children a week in the community and nearby informal settlements on a bi-weekly basis by means of a soup kitchen.

We were privileged to be able to attend one of the soup handouts the morning we visited the home. And was it a sight to behold. Without much instruction, the children lined up and remained quiet, patiently waiting for their turn to receive soup and bread. Once the smaller children had received their meal, they sat neatly in rows in front of the home and ate their meal. It was astounding to see how well behaved and respectful these young children were.

The home itself has five small bedrooms. The teenage girls and boys each have one bedroom with the younger girls taking a third bedroom. One is a storeroom and the last room is Mama Rosy’s (where she sleeps with and cares for the babies). The younger boys sleep on the floor in the lounge.

Another thing that was extremely heart-warming and will forever remain with us was the childrens’ enthusiasm. They danced, clapped their hands and sang their hearts out. Despite having nothing and sleeping on the floor each night, they had joy in their hearts and were grateful for everything they were given.

We decided to put some of the funding towards creating “toiletry pamper packs” for the five ladies who selflessly help at the home each and every day. They were so grateful and excited to be appreciated. Portia, the daughter of Mama Rosy said it will give them “the strength to carry on”. It was wonderful to share in the day as it was also Mama Rosy’s birthday!! So, lots of hugs all around.

We were privileged to meet one of the home’s Alumni by the name of Lindiwe. A lovely young woman who started her journey at the Fountain of Hope at the tender age of 9. She is now 25 years old, studied Logistics after obtaining a bursary and now has a well-paid job. She visits the home on a regular basis to give thanks and to honor Mama Rosy, the woman who took her in, believed in her and made her the woman she is today.

Not only did the day warm our hearts but it made us extremely grateful for all that we have in life. We are all blessed beyond measure.

Through Bravura’s donation together with staff donations, we were able to assist the orphanage with the following items:

  • Soup ingredients and bread to the value of R2,500 to feed the 200 children in the community
  • Pamper packs for the five ladies who work at the home to the value of R1,200
  • R20 cash given to each child in the home (50 in total) placed in an envelope. The home was asked to take the children to Checkers so that they could spend the cash, learn to budget and be given an opportunity to feel independent.

Further items on the orphanage’s wish list are:

  • 2 microwaves
  • Urn
  • 67 double blankets
  • 67 face cloths
  • 10 single sheets
  • 2 double sheets
  • 1 king sheet
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop
  • 2 outdoor bins
  • 2 indoor binds
  • Christian story books
  • First aid kit
  • Outdoor tools i.e. spade, fork, wheel barrow, hose pipe with attachments
  • 10 big bowls
  • 10 children’s chairs
  • Dinner set
  • Baby clothes

We are proud to be part of the Bravura family and be given the opportunity to share our 67 minutes with those who really needed it.

For more contributions, kindly contact Porcia on +27 61 325 3955 or  

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Published:   July 18th 2017