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The Listing Executive Committee of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (the “SEM”) has approved the listing of up to 280,000,000 ordinary shares of Zentosa Capital Limited (“Zentosa” or “the Company”) on the Development & Enterprise Market (“DEM”) of the SEM on 23 February 2018. This marks the successful listing of the first international issuer (i.e. foreign company) on the DEM.

Zentosa is a Singaporean investment holding entity focused on the minerals and mining sector in developing markets, including Africa. The Company has been established with the objective of acquiring quality investments in mineral resources extraction, production and trading with the view to achieving significant capital appreciation and sustainable income returns over the medium to long-term. The Company may also opportunistically consider investments in potential exploration assets. The listing on the DEM is expected to provide Zentosa with a platform and acquisition currency for further expansion and diversification, as well as increase the Company’s public presence and profile.

The SEM listing approval can be accessed here.
Transaction Value: $124 709 900

Categories: Mauritius, Mining, Transactions, News
Published: 23 February 2018