Implications of Mauritius’ inclusion on the European Commission’s High Risk Third Countries list

On 7 May 2020, Mauritius was added to the European Commission’s (EU) draft list of High-Risk Third Countries, which includes those jurisdictions deemed to have strategic deficiencies in [...]

Reasons Why Mauritius Should Be the Best and Greatest Country in Africa Published by African Entrepreneur Startup Project

During a private meeting at April’s Commonwealth summit in London, Australia’s representatives were keen to push the oft-repeated message that the "Lucky Country" has now chalked up a record-beating [...]

Bravura advises BBA Resources Pte Ltd on its group restructure and listing onto the Stock Exchange of Mauritius

The Listing Executive Committee of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (the “SEM”) has approved the listing of up to 280,000,000 ordinary shares of Zentosa Capital Limited (“Zentosa” or [...]

Mauritius ranked 25th by the World Bank and overtakes South Africa with the leading position in the Sub-Saharan Africa region

In the race between Mauritius and South Africa for the most investor-friendly regime, South Africa’s island rival is gaining ground. Five years ago, South Africa and Mauritius were [...]

Soria Hay – Mauritius poised to become the next great investment destination Interview, CNBC Africa

While South Africa boasts a much larger population and middle class; political uncertainty, low economic growth and credit downgrades has allowed Mauritius to not only catch up but [...]

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