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On Mandela Day, which is marked each year on 18 July, organisations across South Africa dedicate 67 minutes to contribute in some way to enhancing the lives of others in our communities, with the hope of changing the world for the better in honour of Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

The Bravura team were eager to make their contribution on the day, and visited the Fountain of Love Orphanage in Katlehong, situated east of Johannesburg.  Bravura have supported the orphanage in the past and were no strangers to orphanage founder, Rosy Mthembu.  As a surprise for Rosy, the team donned overalls to paint the kitchen.

The Fountain of Love Orphanage was established in April 2003, when Rosy Mthembu found an abandoned HIV positive (as she later found) young boy on her doorstep. Rosy took the child in, and from then went on to open her home to abandoned or abused children with HIV/Aids.

Katlehong, where the orphanage is located, is the second-largest township following Soweto and experiences one of the highest population densities in the Gauteng province. As well as extreme overcrowding, the townships lacks basic services and amenities.

The orphanage itself is small, consisting of five bedrooms that must accommodate as many as 50 children. The teenage girls and boys each occupy one bedroom, while the younger girls use a third bedroom and the younger boys sleep on the lounge floor. The last bedroom is for Rosy, where she cares for the babies.

As well as rolling up their sleeves to paint Rosy Mthembu’s kitchen, the Bravura team were privileged to attend her 60th birthday celebration which was held on the same day.  Upon arrival at the orphanage, the team found the street closed, with hundreds of people bustling in and around the house. Not only did the celebration honour the woman who has done so much for others, it also acknowledged the elderly people within the community.

Bravura was originally one of two companies that supported the orphanage.  However, the team were pleased to learn that support has since increased and now a group of companies make a contribution.

Through Bravura’s donation, along with staff donations, assistance for the orphanage has included:

  • Groceries to the value of R7 500 to feed the 200 children in the community
  • Tables and chairs to the value of R5 400 where the children are able to do their homework
  • R20 cash given to each child in the home (50 in total) placed in an envelope with the request that the home educate the children about money by giving them the freedom to make a financial decision with guidance by the home.

Of the day a Bravura team member said, “It was great to pick up paint brushes, put on our overalls and literally get covered in paint. Witnessing Mama Rosy’s reaction to the newly painted kitchen was incredible. She had a glow about her that day! We left at the end of the day knowing that we made a positive impact on people’s lives, no matter how small, which is what Mandela Day is all about.”

To make contributions to the Fountain of Love Orphanage, kindly contact Porcia on +27 61 325 3955 or  

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Published:   July 18th 2018